Q: Should I stop playing video games?

“When I play a game, I know if I have a few hours I will be rewarded,” said one 22-year-old who lives with his parents in Silver Spring, Maryland.


More U.S. men aged 18–34 are now living with their parents than with romantic partners.

Instead of asking yourself, "Should I stop playing video games?", try to answer another question: "Do I really want to live with my parents when I'm 30?"

Unless your answer is an excited "HELL YES!", you need to act before you let video games ruin your life.

Modern games are designed to keep you playing, instead of studying, learning and improving yourself.

For example, in the F2P video game business, it is standard practice for game devs to delay asking players for money until they are hooked.

Once the habit to play is in place and the desire to level up in the game increases, converting users from free players into paying customers is much, much easier.

Selling virtual items, extra lives, and special powers - this is how they get your money and why they make video games so addictive.

Don't be a cog in the video game business, be the best version of yourself - quit gaming today.

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