Are You Suffering from Clash of Clans Addiction?

Humans, by rule, are social species.

Since the start of our evolution away from our primate forbearers, we have sought ways to both affirm and separate our group bearings. Our ability to form collective groups regarding both the natural (“We have the same parents so we are connected”) and the intangible (“We were both born in the same country so we are connected”) is key to our survival and rise to being the dominant species on the planet.

As Yuval Noah Harari puts it in his book, Sapiens,

“Sapiens can cooperate in extremely flexible ways with countless numbers of strangers. That’s why Sapiens rule the world, whereas ants eat our leftovers and chimps are locked up in zoos and research laboratories.”

‘Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind’ by Yuval Noah Harari

So it’s no surprise that thousands of people are suffering from Clash of Clans Addiction.

As humans, we have a natural tendency to not only win but to do so in a group. 

Combine this sentiment with the cast of colorful characters in Clash of Clans and you have a recipe for an addictive game. Over 100 million players since its launch have been compelled to play and subscribe from this combination.

This isn’t an accident.

The free-to-play model is just a front to require purchase later leading to major revenue that Forbes pegs at over $2.5 billion. Even if you are not emptying your bank account to upgrade your clan, you may still be suffering from a dependency on the game.

Signs that Might Show Your Clash of Clans addiction

clash of clans addiction

Constantly Checking Your Clan

Are you checking in on your clan every hour no matter where you are or what you’re doing? Does this need to follow up with your digital group to take precedence over other activities to the point that you’re rearranging your day to ensure you’re available to check it?

Notifications are Enabled

Does your phone alert you when something is happening with your clan?  Is it more than just a banner but also a sound or vibration?  Have you assigned a specific alert sound/action for the game?

Changing Your Life Habits

Have you set alarms to wake up really early so you can sneak attack opponents?  Are you staying up much later than routine to keep playing?  Are you putting off meals and toilet trips to keep playing?

Phone or Tablet Notifications Cause You Panic

The banner notification for Clash of Clans flashes on your phone and suddenly, nothing else matters besides checking the game. You could be in a meeting, having a conversation with a loved one or friend, or even driving. All you want to do is investigate the cause of the notification and can’t focus on anything else until you do so. 

Battery Induced Anxiety

Whenever your phone battery drops below 20%, it’s a crisis. Not because you’re worried about missing a call or email, but because you don’t want to be without Clash of Clans. You may even find yourself avoiding leaving the proximity of chargers when your phone gets low on batteries.

Upgrading Your Hardware for The Clan

You’re looking at different tablet devices for the sole purpose of playing Clash of Clans on it. You’re doing the research on fan forums, not tech blogs or magazines.

Even more troubling is if you own several, different mobile devices specifically for having multiple accounts for the game.

Your Cash Belongs to The Clan

More and more of your paycheck and income are going to building your clan. How much? You’ve lost track, and that’s more than it should be.

The Forum is Home

playing clash of clans on mobile

Take a quick second to jot down or think about the people you consider friends. Do you have more of them from the game and it’s forums than from real life?  How many do you know by their names as opposed to their gaming handles?

Have to Replace or Repair

Have you ever destroyed a mobile device because of an issue in the game?  Maybe you had connection problems during a crucial moment or you lost a battle and then lost control. The more often you experience these angry outbursts, the more intense your Clash of Clans addiction.

If some of these symptoms sound familiar, you may have developed a Clash of Clans addiction. But don’t worry. There are steps you can take to help you address your unhealthy relationship with the mobile game. But, first and foremost…

Remember, You Are Not Alone

Every day, an increasing number of people are reporting their gaming addiction. Some health experts say games like clash of clans are more addictive than heroin and other drugs. According to NBC News, the bright colors are engineered to ensnare unsuspecting players, especially children and people from other vulnerable groups. To overcome this addiction, are some documented, courses-of-action:

Proven Tips to Sack Your Clash of Clans’ Addiction

Understand what motivates you

For a lot of people, addiction can be a means to fill the pursuit of greatness. They feel their lives are devoid of meaning or excellence and by engaging in an alternative, negative recreation, they can rectify that. But we are meant for more.

As Baltasar Gracian writes in The Art of Worldly Wisdom,

“Know your strongest point, your pre-eminent gift; cultivate that and you will assist the rest. Everyone would have excelled in something if he had known his strong point.”

The Art of Worldly Wisdom‘ by Baltasar Gracian

By taking the time to analyze your talents and where you want to go with them, you can find a purpose that supersedes your need for Clash of Clans.

App Blocker to the Rescue

This will require help from someone you know and trust. First, you’ll need to install an app blocker on your mobile device. Then your chosen helper will have to program a password that will keep you from accessing the game.

Delete and Reject

Even simpler than using another app to block clash of clans, you can delete the game yourself. After deleting it, you can adjust your settings to prevent yourself from re-installing. Going the personal route will require more will power as you, ultimately, possess the power to override the stopgaps.

Take Time to Keep Track of Time

Begin keeping a journal of how long you are playing Clash of Clans and to gain an idea of your average time spent per day and per week. As you are able to identify how much and how long you are playing the game, make a plan to reduce this by some measurement.

Perhaps you realize you’re playing an average of five hours a day. Every day, make it a point to play less than that until you can get your average to four hours and thirty minutes or lower. Keep going in this fashion until you can stop playing at all.

Clash with Entrepreneurship

All the energy and time you are putting into the game can be used toward other endeavours with real-world rewards. The skills that Clash of Clans helped you develop can be your gateway to leaving the addiction.

reading is better than gaming

Your organizational skills can allow you to be a freelance bookkeeper for businesses. Your ability to identify opportunities might enable you to find opportunities in the market and become an investment or financial advisor.

A Clash of Clans addiction can feel a lot like playing the game, a seemingly endless pursuit to master the elements of everything in your world. While confronting such a challenge can seem intimidating, it is the essence of life. Having full loot and the best defenses and resources available won’t provide a sense of fulfillment. True contentment comes from a life spent in dedication and action to such a goal.